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DHANA COIN (xDxC)   is the  cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash sent peer-to-peer without the need for a financial intermediary. It is one of the  decentralized digital currency created in the world. Decentralized: the system works without a central bank or single administrator. Dhana Coin (xDxC) is developed by using BLOCKCHAIN technology and this coin is living and running in its own independent blockchain.  Dhana coin  has some differences and advantages over other cryptocurrencies because Dhana coin (xDxC) is a hybrid crypto coin (50% POW + 50% POS). POW (Proof of work) & POS(Proof of stake) both algarithms are working together side by side to make this blockchain even stronger and secured. DHANA means WEALTH,   So saving or exchanging Dhana Coin sounds like saving or exchanging WEALTH. DHANA COIN is global. Since "xDxC" is crypto coin, you must first check with your local laws and regulations in your state and country. If local laws doesnot prohibits using those kind of crypto coins & utility tokens use "xDxC" but just for good causes.  Please seek legal advice locally if necessary. Generous  people, change makers and contributors  can get"xDxC" free by submitting their wallet address and information through Dhana coin faucet. Dhana coin can also be mined in CPU, GPU and other equipments.

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Simply fill the form above with your digital wallet address and wait for surprise. Wallets can be download from the wallet link here. Check the faucet for free coins. 

Yes of course. You will be one of the tech enthusiast, an honerable member and supporter of  cryptocurrency and blockchain community family, crypto cumminity builder, a change maker, member of generous group.You can earn coins by working with us  and we will also  keep informing all our coin holders, supporters and users about the causes and oppertunities to benifit all DHANA COIN xDxC  enthusiasts, holders and doners.

Dhana coin is decentralized peer to peer community Coin and  for only good cause. This is a hybrid coin (50% POW + 50% POS) which is more secured and it operates on its own independent secured blockchain. 

We are located in blockchains and webs. World became more technological and mobile, so We don't think we need to  have physical address.

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